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Our Tradition
Winemaking has always been one of the yearly activities on a Calabrian calendar. For centuries our family has made wine. It's an essential part of life. People here produced grapes for themselves and a little extra to sell to buyers - it's still very similar today. Calabrian grapes and must have always been in demand owing to their marvelous ageing potential. Basically, in the past, when the northern wines began to turn sour in the state canteens out came the wines produced in the sunny south of Italy, still perfect in every way for much more time to come.

Competitive winemaking!
My father was born in Bocchigliero a rural community in the Sila mountains. Everyone in his village was a proud owner of a vineyard 'ad alberello' on which grapes such as Gaglioppo, Pedilungo, Trebbiano, and Greco Bianco were grown, and each to his own, held the conviction that they produced the best wine in the village!

In the 1960's
With the modernization of oenological techniques my father decided to open a small winery in Cirò Marina. Each year, like now, he bought quality grapes from many of the small vineyard owners who avidly tend to their property the year through.

Emerging Markets
Between Ciro' and Milan he established a good market for his wines and with the acknowledgment of Cirò as a 'Denominazione di Origine Controllata' wine in 1969, he continued to produce the classic Cirò, but also Riserva's too. In 1972, after much success in north Italy he proudly opened "Linardi Casa Vinicola" a modern winery perfectly suited to the advancement of Cirò d.o.c wines.

Photo: Francesco and Roberto Linardi

I grew up with the winery and it was only natural that I should want to further my father's research.
During my studies at oenological school in Conegliano, Veneto, I became more interested in experimenting with Calabrian indigenous grapes, in fact, today, that is my foremost interest.

Our Mission
Calabrian grapes aren't well known and there are very few wineries in the region exporting Cirò abroad. I find there is the tendency amongst producers here to make their wines similar to others produced from 'famous' grapes. Also the market demands predominantly young wines but I don't let these things bother me. Gaglioppo has distinct and remarkable advantage when it comes both to style and ageing. Our red wines are powerful and bold, unique in colour, aroma and flavour, our whites delicate and harmonious. Working with these rare grape varieties is a great challenge and privilege and I'm quietly confident that with time our wines will be discovered, acknowledged and appreciated for what they truly are, without having to compromise what makes them authentic.

I hope that reading this website illustrates our hard work and you will have the opportunity soon to try our wines.

Roberto Linardi





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