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The alberello
The 'alberello' (little tree) is a hardy vine. Its vicinity to the earth and its minimal need for water makes it the ideal vine in places where the climate represents the major limiting factor, for instances in Valle d'Aosta ice limits the water flows, whereas in Calabria there's no rain fall for many months of the year. The area around Ciro' is a patchwork of small vineyards, most 2 to 3 hectares in size planted 'ad alberello'.

The tradition
Alberello is a form of vine cultivation that allows for an increased density of vines per hectare. Most vineyards prior to 1950 were planted considering mules and horses would be the vehicles of the future and it's not unusual to find 'Salernitano' bred horses ploughing the narrow vines because tractors are too wide to pass from row to row. The majority of vineyards are tended to carefully throughout the year by a vine keeper who sells their grapes to wineries and winemakers throughout the region.

the alberello

New tendencies
Over the last 20 years some vine keepers have abandoned the cultivation 'ad alberello' in order to obtain increased yields from Palmetta or Cordon vines, however in bad years these vines are more likely to suffer extremely dry summers. The alberello resists the hot Calabrian summers marvellously and by October its grapes reach 23-25% sugar content. Though it produces a limited amount of grapes it is always of high quality and elevated sugar level, exactly what is need to produce quality Ciro' D.O.C.

The D.O.C. legislation allows for a maximum yield of 115 quintals of Gaglioppo per hectare and 135 quintals of Greco Bianco and during the summer no watering is permitted. The legislation promotes traditional practice & helps maintain the highest quality grape production possible.





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